NOW AVAILABLE - PUMA's Phenomenal Pack!

Unleash a splash of brilliance of PUMA Phenomenal Pack on the field with the stunning FUTURE and ULTRA goalkeeper gloves. FUTURE gloves offer maximum freedom, while ULTRA ensures grip and ball control. Which glove will be your game-changer?

Explore top-notch FUTURE, ULTRA and King Silos in football footwear for maximum performance and comfort. The Phenomenal Pack blends cutting-edge tech with exceptional design, promising an extraordinary playing experience.

  • PUMA Future Ultimate

    The Future Ultimate NC sets new standards in freedom of movement and comfort. Inspired by goalkeepers who tape their wrists, the wrist area has been completely redesigned to provide optimal support. The use of Knitted Material in different strengths and elasticities allows for individual customization of each area of the glove.

    Negative Cut: ensures a snug fit and perfect ball control.

    4mm ELITE+ DUAL GRIP Latex: Extra sticky elements guarantee a strong grip in any weather

    Thumb Wrap: Extended latex area around the thumb

    3D Elements: Silicone elements in the Punching Zone support ball control when punching

    Knitted backhand: Elastic material that ensures a tight and comfortable fit of the glove

  • PUMA Ultra Ultimate Hybrid

    The Ultra Ultimate Hybrid was designed to meet the needs of modern goalkeepers. This goalkeeper glove is among the lightest and most flexible models on the market.

    Hybrid Cut: A blend of negative cut and roll finger cut ensures an expanded catching area and snug fit.

    4mm Superior grip Latex: Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. Embossed contours, adapted to the natural shape of the hand, make the palm more flexible.

    Thumb Wrap: Extended latex area around the thumb.

    Elasticated body: Ultra-light material ensures a comfortable and flexible feel.