Slovenia: Zmajceki

The Slovenian football team, known as the “Zmajceki,” faces England, Denmark, and Serbia in the group stage of the European Championship 2024 in Germany. Despite not advancing past the group stage in major tournaments, Slovenia has established itself as a competitive team in Europe. Coached by Matjaž Kek, who has brought stability since his return in 2018, the team relies on a mix of seasoned players and young talents to navigate this challenging group. The squad features goalkeepers like Jan Oblak, one of the best in the world, Vid Belec, and Igor Vekic. In defense, players like Petar Stojanović and Miha Blažič are crucial, while midfield creativity comes from Jasmin Kurtić and Sandi Lovrić. The attack is led by Andraž Šporar, a key player during the qualifiers. This blend of experience and youthful energy positions Slovenia as a potential dark horse in the European Championship 2024.

Jan Oblak

Jan Oblak, the outstanding Slovenian goalkeeper, remains a key figure for both Atlético Madrid and the Slovenian national team in 2024. As captain, Oblak leads the national team with a pivotal role heading into the European Championship 2024 in Germany. His experience in major international tournaments and impressive track record at Atlético Madrid, including numerous saves and clean sheets this season, make him a backbone for the team. His leadership and calm under pressure are invaluable for Slovenia as they compete against some of Europe’s top teams.

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Vid Belec, currently playing for APOEL, is the second of three goalkeepers in the squad for the European Championship 2024, bringing valuable international experience to the team. As Slovenia prepares for its first Euro appearance in 24 years, Belec’s experience and skills are crucial for a solid performance in the tournament. The support and trust of his teammates, recently highlighted by Andraž Šporar, underscore his importance to the team.

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Igor Vekic

Igor Vekic, currently with Danish club Vejle Boldklub, joins as the third-choice goalkeeper for the European Championship 2024. Despite limited playing time, Vekic has earned the confidence of national coach Matjaž Kek. Known for his impressive reflexes and ability to perform under pressure, Vekic secures his role as the third goalkeeper behind his more experienced colleagues in the national team. His participation in the European Championship 2024 signifies his ongoing commitment and development in international football.