European Championship 2024

The European Championship 2024 in Germany is just around the corner and promises to be one of the most exciting tournaments in the history of European football. With 24 teams divided into six groups, football fans are eagerly anticipating the group stage. The group draw has produced some high-profile encounters such as Germany vs. Switzerland, Italy vs. Spain, France vs. Austria, and Portugal vs. Turkey. Each team will have to fight hard in the group matches to secure a spot in the knockout rounds.

Teams like Italy, Spain, France, and Belgium are considered title contenders, boasting stars and numerous talents making them hot favorites. Not to be forgotten is host Germany, which not only enjoys home advantage but also has an impressive squad strength. Additionally, teams like England, Portugal, and the Netherlands could also have a say, as they have strong individual players. As with every tournament, other nations such as Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, or Hungary could also surprise.

The European Championship 2024 offers a unique opportunity for players and fans to prove themselves on the biggest stage of European football. With the exciting mix of experienced teams and hungry challengers, this tournament promises to make football history.

Group A

Group A of the European Championship 2024 consists of Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, and Hungary. Germany will start the tournament with a match against Scotland in Munich. The teams have different strengths and experiences from previous tournaments, with Germany as the host and former European champion being highly motivated. Hungary and Switzerland have shown consistent performances recently, but Scotland, which is participating in the European Championship for the second time in a row, should not be underestimated and aims to get through the group stage.

Group B

Group B of the European Championship 2024 includes Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Albania. This group is strong with the reigning European champion Italy and former champion Spain. Italy, which dramatically secured its qualification, enters as the title defender with great ambitions. Spain, known for its strong passing game and ball possession, qualified convincingly and will try to repeat its past European Championship successes. Croatia, led by coach Zlatko Dalić and experienced captain Luka Modrić, is known for its robust play and tactical discipline. Albania, participating in the finals for the second time after 2016, is considered an underdog in this group but has the potential to surprise, as shown by their qualification successes.

Group C

Group C of the European Championship 2024 includes England, Slovenia, Denmark, and Serbia. England, one of the favorites and runners-up in 2020, qualified confidently and aims to win the title this time. Denmark, the 1992 European champion, also qualified directly and aims to go far again after reaching the semifinals in 2020. Slovenia, the underdog of the tournament, secured second place in its qualification group and is participating in the European Championship for the first time since 2000. Serbia returns after a long absence and brings a strong team, including players like Dušan Vlahović and Luka Jović.

Group D

Group D includes France, the Netherlands, Austria, and Poland. France, with its strong qualifying performance and stars like Kylian Mbappe, is considered a favorite in this European Championship. The Netherlands aim for a strong performance, especially after the disappointing group stage exit in 2020. Austria, coached by Ralf Rangnick, wants to assert itself in a challenging group and will try to surprise the favored teams like France and the Netherlands with strong performances. Poland was the last to qualify for this group. In the decisive playoff final for the European Championship 2024, they secured their spot in a dramatic penalty shootout against Wales, with goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny becoming the hero by saving the last penalty. The teams in this group bring a mix of top talents and tactical discipline, promising some exciting encounters.

Group E

Group E of the European Championship 2024 in Germany includes Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine. Belgium, under the leadership of Domenico Tedesco, is considered the strongest team in this group and aims to win the European Championship title. The Slovakian national team showed impressive performances in the qualification, especially in the victory over Iceland, and should not be underestimated. Romania, which won its qualification group, could surprise in this group. For Ukraine, it will be important to build on the form from the qualification to be successful in the group stage and possibly advance to the round of 16.

Group F

Group F includes Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, and the Czech Republic. Portugal, which emerged from the qualification with an impressive 100% win rate, aims to capture the European Championship 2024 title. Turkey has promising chances in the European Championship 2024, especially after an impressive qualification phase where they finished as group winners. The Czech Republic can rely on the consistent performance of the team and key players like Tomas Soucek and can expect to reach the round of 16. Georgia, participating in such a tournament for the first time, fought through the playoffs and will give everything to surprise in this group.